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This is a list of some of the software projects I have implemented over the years.

Java Engine for Testing (JET)

JET is a test framework written at Sun Microsystems, where I have been a contributor.

Databases at work

At work, I have worked on PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Main Menu

The main menu was originally written to make it easy to collect information about contacts, and to fill out fax- end letter-formulars in Word.

It is a front end to an Access database, and was originally written in Visual Basic. The latest version is written in Delphi.

This is a list of some of the futures:

  • Fast access to contact information
  • Invoice functionality
  • Edit, add and delete companies and contact persons
  • Word-formulas for letters, faxes and facturas that is easy to edit
  • Lots of statistics
  • Orders and inventory lists
  • Easy to find information about invoices
  • Supports many users and departments
  • Supports telephone dialling software
  • Can send messages with attachments to other users
  • Lead lists and appointments
  • Resource scheduling
Main Menu

The main menu.


Faktura once was a stand-alone invoice-application written in Visual Basic. Now it is written in Delphi, and is integrated into Main Menu.

The integration into Main Menu enables a lot of statistics and cross-linking between the contact information and the invoices.


Entering an invoice.

Diploma thesis

My diploma thesis is described on the Curriculum Vitae page.


Hørsel was written when my mother started her own company (Hørselssenteret), and needed software to diagnose her customers with. The program is a tool to record, store and print hearing curves.

The first version of Hørsel was written in Visual Basic, the current version is written in Delphi.

Main window

Main window.

Hearing curve

Hearing curve.

Speech audiometry

Speech audiometry.

VibeStat NW

VibeStat was originally a statistics-program written in Turbo Pascal for MS-DOS. I ported the program to Windows, and added many enhancements.

The program is written in Delphi, for Det Medisinske Fakultet, NTNU.

VibeStat NW

VibeStat NW running Wilcoxon signed rank test.


This is some Delphi classes that were used to test the maximum size of arrays in Delphi 3.0. They are used in VibeStat NW.

These homepages

These homepages are generated with a homemade program that generates small homepages that is XHTML 1.0 and CSS 1.0 compatible based on templates and color-settings. The pages are also made to be easy accessible by conforming to the WAI guidelines.

The program that generates these pages is written in Perl.

Innherred Renovasjon's homepages

During one summer-holiday I made homepages for Innherred Renovasjon. The homepages consists of CGI-scripts written in Perl, and it is quite simple to update the content on them.

Profit calculator

This is a small program I made for my mother, to make it easier for her to calculate profits and prices.

Profit calculator

Profit calculator.

Updated: 2010-11-09